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Reminder: Attend the HOA Meetings!

  • Notice something in the neighborhood that needs to be addressed?
  • Have an idea or possible solution to a problem/need?
  • Want to know what is going on and coming up with improvements?
Attend the HOA meetings at 6 p.m. every third Monday of the month. Currently the meetings are virtual, so it is easy to dial in, listen and participate!

Next meeting is November 15th - look for an email with the info!
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Pictures with Santa

Santa will be at the Tavistock Farmhouse on Saturday, December 4 from 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. and will be available for visiting and pictures. To help with social distancing within the Farmhouse, you will need to select a time window for your visit. We will be limiting the number of families in each time slot to help with indoor spacing.
  1. Sign up here for one time window for your entire family
  2. Indicate how many children you anticipate bringing with you
  3. Show up any time during your 30-minute time window to visit with Santa
If you sign up for a time and are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation to open the slot back up for other families. More slots will be added based on demand.

Reminder: Tavistock App

Don't Forget to Download the Tavistock Farms app!

Tavistock Farms recently debuted a new community app, available for Apple and Android smartphones.

Download the new app to get immediate access to community news and alerts, sign up for pool access, and view the quick reference sections for a calendar of events, HOA Documents and forms and even useful phone numbers. You can also submit requests and more.

To access, search for "Tavistock Farms" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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Community Spotlight is a monthly feature that aims to learn about our neighbors, tell interesting stories or give someone their “15 minutes of fame.” If you would like to nominate someone or send a story to include - email us!

<<< How exactly did all this start? How did some suntanned kids on the sidewalk raise one hundred dollars for children’s hospitals?

Written by Gia, Accountant and Advisor from Art from the Heart

"It started when I was doing a project for school about education for the underprivileged. My sister, Aria, comes in and asks about my work. I explained and after looking at all the statistics and images, she told me that she realized how lucky we were, and that she wanted to help more. She left the room, muttering under her breath. After school, I joined her and Everleigh, our best friend and neighbor, outside. As I walk out, I see them talking, Aria excited, and Everleigh the same, but slightly unsure. Aria explained how she thought about all the scary news about hospitals not having enough supplies, and seeing all the commercials of funding for cancer research. She thought that by making art and selling it, we could raise money to help too. We loved the idea, but we were wondering if it would work. We reminded ourselves though, that without trial there are no results.

We all spent about a week just making art, Aria working the hardest. The first day of selling, I had violin lessons, so I wasn’t there to see them in action, but I remember that as soon as I got back, they ran up to me, smiling and happy, saying that they had sold art and raised four dollars.

Same thing happened for weeks. I would calculate sales average and help them with different parts of selling they were unsure about. Everleigh would cheer our chants and add dance moves to them, her voice ringing through the neighborhood. Aria would be our core, selling the art and handling all the money, encouraging us by remembering our cause. Areesha, our other neighbor, would sometimes volunteer as well. We would all take at least one day a week to stock up and create new art.

Months went by like this. Right before summer ended, we sold enough art to reach our goal of 100 dollars. Art from the Heart started out as a trial, just to see if it were possible, but now it is a charity, selling to create change."
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As always we are all volunteers who have jobs, kids, responsibilities, and neighbors. We love ideas, suggestions and volunteers!
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